The tide is truly turning for Tidal.

Yesterday the music-streaming site released an exclusive video of Beyoncé’s new song, “Die With You.”

In the video, Beyoncé plays the piano in an empty room while singing a beautifully melodic ballad.

“I wake up just to sleep with you/ I open my eyes so I can see it’s you/ And I live so I can die with you,” she sings.

In the three-minute video, Beyoncé looks deeply into the moving camera drawing us in with those dreamy Beyoncé eyes of hers. Just when you start to think she’s singing to you, the song ends, the camera turns and Jay-Z reveals himself as the cameraman.

Not only is “Die With You” the first of many exclusive songs to be released through Tidal, but it also coincides with the seven-year wedding anniversary of the musical couple.

Beyoncé posted a snippet of the video on Instagram. But to watch the full-length video yourself, you’ll have to logon to Tidal — the music streaming service Jay Z recently acquired for $56 million.

In the star-studded press release announcing Tidal, Jay Z promised the artist driven music service would release more exclusive songs from artists, including himself and Beyoncé.

Will you logon to hear more Beyoncé?