Beyoncé Launches ‘Beyhive’ Blog
Getty Images

Beyoncé’s adding new and exciting ways to keep her beyhive up-to-date. Not only does she have a Twitter account, Tumblr and official website, today the star launched a creative and personal blog: The Beyhive Blog.

According to a statement on her website, the Super Bowl half-time performer will showcase all the things she comes across. “This is through my eyes,” she says. Beyoncé will also use the space as a gallery to show off “beautiful creations” from her talented fans. “So many of you are making videos, painting—I want to show the world what you do and how much I appreciate you.”

“This is just the beginning, there is so much out there to dig into.”

Beyoncé is gearing up for a media blitz next month. In addition to setting the Super Bowl on fire, she’s debuting a new documentary, Life Is But A Dream on HBO on February 16. For her die-hard stans, Beyoncé’s expected to release new music in the coming weeks.

Are you excited see what inspires Beyoncé?

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