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Beyonce is Already Planning Kid Number Two

Beyonce is due to give birth very soon, and she's already looking to have more kids.
If you can believe it or not, Beyonce is already planning baby number two. With just weeks to go until her due date, Beyonce has let it slip that she wants more kids.

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According to Clutch, the mega artist says she wants to have all of her kids by time she’s 40. She’s got a solid 10 years to accomplish that. “I have always said that I want to have all my children by time I am 40, so there still a lot of time left. There is an attraction for sure about having a large family, but we just have to see what we are blessed with,” she says.

Gal pal Kelly Rowland let it slip a while back that Beyonce may be having a little girl — although she’s yet to confirm any rumors — not even to Katie Couric on “20/20.”

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But what we do know is that Beyonce isn’t craving any of those ridiculous food combinations you see in the headlines — like pickles and ketchup.

The singer admits that whatever size family she has with hubby Jay-Z, it’s going to be close knit like her own. “We are a really close family so I will have lots of support from my parents and my sister. Also, I don’t think I’m going to be able to get rid of Kelly now that ‘The X Factor’ is finished. I know how much she wanted to be here during my pregnancy, but she was doing a great job on the show. I know she will be a great help. She’s a great help now, even knowing I can call her anytime.”