Ever since Beyoncé gave birth to daughter Blue Ivy Carter on January 7 and was spotted looking incredible weeks later, she has been pretty tight-lipped about how she shed her post-baby weight so fast — until now. In a recent interview, the Most Beautiful Woman, says breast feeding helped her lose it all.

The new mom revealed that she put on a whopping 50 lbs during her pregnancy, 20 of which she gained during the last month. “After being pumped with those fluids and gaining so much weight… I barely recognized myself,” she tells People. After giving birth, Beyoncé breast fed Blue for 10 weeks. “I encourage women to do it; it’s just so good for the baby and good for myself,” she claimed.

The 4 singer said she quickly got rid of the remaining pounds with diet and exercise. “I counted calories,” she said. “I worked out maybe three or four times a week. I did a lot of walking in the beginning and now I’m running. But I had to work my way up. I couldn’t just go right from being pregnant to running.”

The running will surely pay off when she hits the stage this month at Atlantic City’s newest hotel, Revel, for her first post-baby performance Memorial Day weekend. “I’m proud that my waist came back so fast. I’m proud of that, and happy, but that was mostly from breast feeding.” She’s just three or four pounds away from her pre-baby weight.

If you’re wondering how Queen Bey prepared for her little princess, she confesses to People that she got her eyebrows done, hair done, a manicure, a pedicure and finished it off with a touch of lip gloss prior to her delivery. Beyoncé says she felt “more powerful” when giving birth. “I felt like I knew my purpose in the world.”


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