Fashionistas, are you sitting down?

On a recent London shopping spree Beyonce, and her mom Tina Knowles, racked up a whopping $14,000 tab in only 90 minutes! Sigh. It must be nice.

Onlookers gathered as Bey and Momma Knowles popped into popular stores TopShop and Selfridges blowing through the racks at record speed, reports The Huffington Post.

“It was like a shopping scene out of Pretty Woman,” one witness told a local tabloid. “Everyone was gobsmacked at the speed she was choosing clothes.”

This is by no means the first time the mega star has put some serious mileage on her credit card. In 2007 Beyonce made headlines with little sister Solange when the pair popped in and out of Stella McCartney and a few other nearby designers and left with a massive amount of bags.  Back when Solange turned 25, Beyonce blessed her with the greatest gift ever, a pair of pricey designer shoes for every year she was born. Wow!

Maybe Mrs. Carter was just badly in need of some retail therapy after the grueling tour and promotion schedule she’s been on for her new album ‘4’.  Reports say that on Wednesday she had to cut short a live TV taping of “A Night With Beyonce” at a London Studio due to losing her voice. She apologized to an audience filled with die-hard fans and left the stage to massive applauds of support, reports WENN.

Let’s hope she’s feeling better. That spectacular voice is nothing to mess with.

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