On a quiet Tuesday night at Sing Sing Karaoke bar in Miami, a group of three friends decided to belt out a few of their favorite songs.

Little did these women know that their music choice would be the catalyst to meeting two thirds of Destiny’s Child.

According to the Miami New Times, the two stars visited the bar around midnight along with Timbaland, Jay-Z and Michelle Williams. 

The sound of “Party,” one of Beyoncé’s many hits, rang from one of the private rooms. The singers followed the sound and ended up in a room with three girls, two singing and one asleep.

The girls began dancing with the strangers until one looked up and said, “Oh, you look like Kelly Rowland,” and then looked at Beyoncé and it finally hit her. “Oh, my God!” she yelled.

The bar’s owner, Kellie Pilicer was just as surprised as anyone else by the guest appearance. “There’s no way we could have planned it. No one had any idea. I didn’t even know anything,” she said. Before heading off to enjoy some karaoke of their own, superstars took pictures with the fans including their sleeping friend.

Destiny’s Child last reunited onstage a the 2013 Super Bowl. Rowland and Williams also made cameos in Beyoncé’s “Superpower” video.

The stars brought in the New Year in Miami and have been seen around town since then. Beyoncé is said to be enjoying time off before her Mrs. Carter World tour resumes in late February.