As the sexual assault allegations contiue to mount against Bill Cosby, one of his alleged victims,  Beverly Johnson—who said that Cosby had drugged her in the mid-80s—appeared on The View to share her story.

The supermodel, who first came forward with an essay in Vanity Fair last week, said that Cosby had drugged her at his apartment. As she struggled to keep her consciousness, she called him names until he angrily forced Johnson to leave, hailing her a cab to send her home.

However, The View‘s Whoopi Goldberg had some follow-up questions, asking her if she was worried about what she might have ingested, to which Johnson said she wasn’t worried about anything except struggling to say conscious.

“I do not think [that Bill Cosby raped me], no,” replied Johnson when Goldberg asked if she had been sexually assaulted by Cosby.

“Did you ask the doorman the next day what condition you were or did you say anything?” Goldberg asked. 

“No, I didn’t,” Johnson responded. “I basically just put my head down and just tried to get out. This is not about Mr. Cosby. He’s just a lightning rod for a conversation about violence against women.”

Watch the full clip above and tell us whether you think Whoopi’s questions were inappropriate.