When we announced in last October’s issue that we were looking for Black men who were willing to propose in our February 2007 issue, we received more than 100 heartfelt letters from brothers wanting to express their feelings. We were overwhelmed by these special Black men, who poured their hearts out and expressed their desire to make the ultimate commitment to a Black woman.

And we were even more excited when we asked you to vote for your favorite couple to send on a fabulous honeymoon trip to South Africa. Millions of you logged on to essence.com, and we and our partners at South African Airways and South African Tourism, USA, were so impressed by your enthusiasm for the couples that we decided to send all six to South Africa for a dream honeymoon!

Thank you so much for voting and for sharing special messages of encouragement on the Web site. And now we need your help again. We’re looking for more men to celebrate in the magazine—but this time they have to be single!—as we kick off our 2007 search for Do-Right Men. See page 38 or log on to essence.com to nominate a brother you know who is doing great things for our community. See you next month!

Angela Burt-Murray

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Credit: Carlo Dalla Chiesa