Ladies, this is not a drill.

Thanks to a company in Spain, there’s now a mattress that will tell on your cheating partner. (Pause for reaction.) Durmett Mattress has created a “smarttress” that relies on technology to let you know if your bed is being used in a compromising or questionable way. 

Messy, Messy! Would You Put Your Significant Other on Blast For Cheating?

Using sensory technology, the bed features spring vibration sensors that sends a notification directly to your phone when and if the sensors are triggered. 

The advanced smart bed will show in real time which areas of the bed are being occupied and exactly how much pressure is being applied. (Do you really need to know all of the details once the sensors go off?)

If you want to catch your lover giving his or her loving to someone else, you’ll need to be willing to shell out $1,750 for this ultrasonic wave mattress to tell all.

…That awkward moment when your mattress is more loyal than your man. Ouch!