Best Cities For Single Women

New York

Despite a recession and high unemployment New York City still meets all the criteria of a great city for singles. We’re talking world-class nightlife, culture and, yes, jobs, which often means lost of eligible bachelors.Brooklyn and Harlem boast some of the most concentrated enclaves of African-Americans and Afro Caribbeans. And there’s guy for every taste–from suit and tie banker types to athletes, boho artsy and hipsters.


Hotlanta now has the second largest population of African-Americans in the country, according to a recent report from the Brookings Institute. Atlanta also has one of the lowest cost of living, jobs, great nightlife and stellar shopping options. It’s also a city that takes it’s outdoor activities seriously so the chances of running into eligible bachelors are plenty.


Boston may not claim the largest African-American populations in the country but with over 40 colleges in the area, can you say educated eligible bachelors?


Chi-Town has one the largest African-American populations in the country and boasts a highly educated Black dating pool. It’s also a hub for music and art and you’ll love all the single-friendly neighborhoods and bars.

Washington D.C.

Though “Chocolate City” is still one of the more expensive cities to live in, it makes up for this with lots of politically and academically inclined bachelors. The city also has enough arts and culture to keep a girl going out every night.


The median age of Houstonians is age 30, making the city one of the youngest in the country. There’s plenty to do and see in Houston at a price you can afford.


Detroit may be experiencing an economic downturn, but it still has one of the largest Black populations around that is heavily involved politically and socially. A vibrant music scene and nightlife also keep the city alive despite it all.