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Becoming a Vegan May Be The Healthiest Thing to Try in 2016

The model, actress, and entrepreneur offers a tip that can help make the new year a better one and it all starts with changing your diet. 
Becoming a Vegan May Be The Healthiest Thing to Try in 2016

If you’ve ever been to New York, L.A or London during the spring and summer you may have heard of rooftop yoga lessons with SERENE Social, an internationally known curator of wellness and conscious living for women. Initially designed to be a wellness resource for “cool, conscious, dynamic females,” the SERENE Social community has evolved into so much more. It’s co-founder, Millana Snow—who is a Reiki healer, model, and vegan—is set to launch a technology aspect this year (we’re hoping for an app!) to her budding business as she furthers her mission to help women navigate the joys and challenges of total wellness, entrepreneurial and fashion. Here, she dishes on her top tips for living fabulously in 2016.

“Try becoming a vegan in 2016. I find that since becoming vegan I have a clearer head and more aligned with things around me. Choosing to have a plant-based diet will give you more energy; easier opportunities to loose weight and your hair and body will look better. If you’re a bit apprehensive, try slowly adding more vegetables to your diet. Before you know it you’ll have plant-based meals for weeks.”

“To live fabulously in 2016, it’s important to meditate on a regular basis. Most people think of meditating in one form, but there are several ways to meditate. You can take a walk, or even write for 10 minutes a day. Just be still and focus. When you meditate you are able to relax anxious energies, and more importantly, if you do it consistently, your immune system will become stronger.”

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