At a loss for words for your sweetie this Valentine’s Day?  Well, BeBe and CeCe Winans might have your remedy in the form of a meldodic e-card. “I love love songs that have great messages,” notes BeBe Winans, who penned the ballad, “I Found You,” for his duet album with CeCe, entitled “Still.”  Not surprisingly, the song, which he sings as a solo, has a very special meaning. “As we get older, the world has a way of telling us that our clocks are ticking,” he says, “but my cousin, Cindy, was determined to wait until that special person came into her life. I always said that I’d write a song for her when she said, ‘I do,’ and I sang this song as she walked down the aisle.” While Valentine’s Day has become synonymous with roses and chocolates, Winans insists that quality time trumps store-bought goods, any day. “It’s important to show our love by spending time [rather than] with material things.  We really have to cherish the time we have together.” So, with whom will he be sharing the holiday?  “This year, I’m spending Valentine’s Day with my mother.  She lost the man of her life last year and I think I come in close second,” he says, with a gentle laugh. “So, she’ll be my Valentine.” Click here to personalize an e-card for your special someone.