If you have natural hair, then chances are you’ve gone through a lot of trial and error when it comes to detangling your coils.  Many women with textured hair are under the impression that their hair can withstand harsh combing, when actually it’s quite the opposite.  Curly hair textures are actually more fragile and prone to damage when handled improperly.  That’s why we turned to the curly hair experts at Ouidad Salon to share their top tips for detangling natural hair with ease.

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Watch the video above and keep these tips in mind to treat your tangles with TLC:

1.  Always be sure to detangle on wet or damp hair. Dry hair is more prone to breakage.

2.  Use your favorite detangler to ease through snarls. After applying your detangler, section your hair using banana or duckbill clips and comb through one section at a time.  

3.  A wide-tooth comb is essential and will help you glide through tangles sans drama. Ouidad offers a single detangling comb and the Double Detangler which offers two rows of tangle taming teeth to keep curls knot-free.

What are some of your top detangling secrets? Share them in the comments section below!