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Beauty Beat: Find Your Perfect Foundation Shade

Find a perfect shade with our foundation finder.

Our complexions come in various coffee colors. Start with the right foundation to bring out its best. In our September issue we curated a few of our faves that blend seamlessly. Before you take a look at our top-picks, here are expert tips on finding your perfect match.

1 Address dark circles with concealer. For brown skin it’s best to pick a concealer that is close to your natural color to prevent an ashy look, says Uzo, Nars International’s makeup stylist. For fairer complexions, go a shade lighter.

2 Skin type matters. “Acne-prone skin benefits from oil-free formulas that mattify,” says Uzo. “Dry skin looks velvety with a moisturizing formula, and lightweight fragrance-free ones are best for those with sensitive skin.”

3 Try it first. “Finding the right foundation is like buying shoes: You’ve got to try them on,” says Fatima Thomas of MAC Cosmetics. As foundation settles on your skin, it can change color. So let it stay on for five to ten minutes before you buy it.

4 Learn to be a mixologist. “We tend to be multitonal. So use the dark shade to contour the darker perimeter and the lighter shade in the center and cheekbones,” suggests Thomas.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, here are our top complexion perfectors as seen in the September issue.