B.B King Reveals That He is Under Hospice Care in Las Vegas Home
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B.B. King has shared that he is in hospice care at his home in Las Vegas.

According to the New York Post, the 89-year-old Blues legend posted a thanks to his fans on his official website saying, “I am in home hospice care at my residence in Las Vegas. Thanks to all for your well wishes and prayers.”

Las Vegas police officer Jesse Roybal says an ambulance was called to King’s address on Thursday in what he calls a domestic dispute over medical care. This is the second hospitalization in a month for King. 

He is currently being cared for by Laverne Toney, his longtime business manager and current power-of-attorney. 

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“Mr. King is where he wishes to be,” Toney said. “He’s always told me he doesn’t want to be in a hospital. He wants to be at home.”