Have a look at why we’re grabbing the instant coffee this morning:

  • After being on trial for weeks, Barry Bonds’ perjury trial has come to an end, but with unexpected results. CNN is reporting that Bonds was convicted on one count of obstruction of justice, however, the judge declared a mistrial on three remaining counts of perjury — scandalous! It appears that jurors were unable to reach a consensus — so what does this mean? Another trial for Bonds? [CNN]

  • Kobe Byrant was fined $100K by the NBA for mouthing not-so-kind words about a referee. Those words are too harsh to be said here, but were of the anti-gay kind. Bryant released a statement saying, “My actions were out of frustration during the heat of the game, period.”[Bossip]

  • BET recently announced a new series featuring Malcolm-Jamal Warner and our girl, Tracee Ellis Ross. It’s a family series where Ross plays a psychologist and Warner an English professor. [Eurweb]

  • L.A. Reid told Angie Martinez last night that he is indeed planning his next move with another record label. He said he’ll announce his plans “in a little while.” [Eurweb]

  • Rihanna is on top of the world this morning. She grabbed 18 Billboard Music Award Nominations! That’s amazing! Wonder how many she’ll actually take home? [Clutch Magazine]

  • Rap star Ludacris is reaching out to America’s youth! He’s looking to help students in the Recovering District of New Orleans. Ludacris is currently the spokesperson for the Epic Book Drive which asks students from all over the nation to donate books for the New Orleans school district. In addition, we’re asking YOU to give back and help donate. Check out for more information.

  • Halle Berry is opening up about love troubles. She told The Sun what she wished she knew at age 18 “that I was not the marrying kind. It would have saved me a lot of time, heartache and grief over the years.” She went on to reveal that traditional love is not for her. Pretty insightful, Halle! [Clutch Magazine]

  • Ne-Yo is perhaps the first major artist to travel to Japan after multiple earthquakes hit the land of the rising sun. “I was actually more anxious to go, because in times of great turmoil like that, you need something to make you smile,” he said. [CNN]