Remember the time your hairstylist cut your hair way too short and you couldn’t even wait to get in the car to start crying? Yes, that time. Or what about the time your uncooperative hair made you late for a meeting and therefore ruined you whole day? You are not alone. A recent study of 1000 women by SpopSmart magazine (part of Consumer Reports) found that women really are affected by their hair in more way than one. Of the women polled 44% said their mood was negatively affected by a bad hair (in some cases, even affecting job performance) and 26% said they have cried after a bad haircut. One -third of the women said they have at some opine in their live, regretted a hair style. Among their biggest gripes, the women polled complained of their hair being too thin or fine, too much color, too curly or frizzy and too dry and damaged. Surprisingly, only 19% of those polled said they love their hair. Hairstylists and hair care manufacturers, rejoice! Read More: