When it comes to caring for our childrens’ locks, we all want to use the finest shampoos, conditioners and stylers, ever. However, it’s easy to get intimidated by the sheer number of products on the shelves (hair brands have definitely taken advantage of the baby boom!)–plus, many women aren’t exactly sure what kinds of products they should be looking for. Here’s a little cheat sheet: First, always choose products with as little chemicals as possible. Check product labels, and avoid anything containing parabens (they have mild estrogen-like qualities and could possibly cause breast cancer), silicons, petroleum, mineral oil, synthetic fragrances, sulfates, and phthalates (they might be linked to precocious puberty in girls). Also, stick with gentle, lightweight products that moisturize your little one’s hair without weighing it down. Haircare products for Black children should work to coax out their beautiful, unique curl patterns–not try to alter it in any way. And when it comes to styling, be gentle! Agressive pulling and tugging can be terrible for fragile baby hair. To detangle knots, gently comb from the ends up to the roots, using a wide-tooth comb. Here, we’ve assembled some of our favorite hair products for African American babies, toddlers, and children. Happy hairstyling! Read More: