Ayesha Curry Wants to Change the Way You Eat Vegetables
Erik Isakson Photographics

Eating your vegetables are vital, but drinking them? That’s something new that Ayesha Curry is encouraging everyone to do! 

The superstar mom-of-two and wife to the reigning two-time NBA MVP Steph Curry has partnered with Züpa Noma, a vegetable soup brand that takes on a whole new approach on veggie consumption. 

Curry teamed up with the company because she values the convenience of a healthy, organic way of eating no matter where you are–can you blame her?!

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“In my kitchen, I love having the freshest and highest quality ingredients to cook with and I am thrilled to partner with ZÜPA NOMA, whose approach is the same,” said the budding culinary queen.

Curry, who just released of her first cookbook, The Seasoned Life, and is prepping to launch her very own Food Network cooking show, takes pride in the pressed cold juice that offers an array of flavors and ingredients that encourage people to drink healthy.  

“ZÜPA NOMA is made up of the best, organic, whole vegetables and other healthy ingredients that deliver incredible flavor and nutrition, while offering a super convenient meal or snack that fits into my busy life.”

Züpa Noma will be available to west coast audiences beginning on July 1 with soup drinks seasoned with fresh herbs and superfoods like olive oil, turmeric, ginger, and apple cider vinegar.

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