I wish I had a dollar for every time I’ve come across a woman who thought her new relationship was progressing when seemingly out of nowhere it fell apart. Her man was mysteriously gone, and she was clueless as to why.

From what I’ve observed as a relationship therapist, during the dating phase men may be almost totally silent about something that bothers them until the very moment they can’t take it anymore and abruptly pull the plug. They may never explain exactly what caused the sudden change. They simply disappear without a trace, and the women are left wondering, Why didn’t he just say something?

The tendency to keep mum when something’s not right is one of the biggest relationship mistakes Black men make. So I’m breaking that silence to point out dating errors that can short-circuit a romance before it even gets off the ground.

1. Too intimate too soon

2. Forced family ties

3. No romance without finance

4. Information overload

5. Savior syndrome

6. Style shortcomings

7. Always in the driver’s seat