One of the greatest moments in life is finding out more about who you are, through your ancestry—especially for African-Americans. In an upcoming episode of PBS’s Finding Your Roots, host Henry Louis Gates Jr. sits down with Ava DuVernay to dive into her lineage.

In a short clip shared from the episode, the Queen Sugar creator holds her breath before finding out she’s 57 percent African. “I’m Black,” she yells after turning the results page to see the DNA percentage breakdown.

In addition to being majority African, the director also has something incredibly serendipitous in her family history. 

“@Ava is proud to learn that one of her relatives registered to vote in the town of Selma in 1867!,” Gates shared on Twitter. It should be noted that DuVernay’s first major breakout film was Selma, which she directed 147 years after her relative took the initiative to vote. 

Kind of gives you chills, right?

DuVernay, TaNehisi Coates and Janet Mock’s ancestry was shown on “The Vanguard” episode of Finding Your Roots.


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