Atlanta Woman Shares Her Story Of Becoming A Sex Slave After Being Catfished
A line of school buses with new decals to draw attention to human trafficking make their way on a road in Atlanta, Wednesday, Jan. 2, 2019. The Georgia attorney general used the new decals on dozens of school buses. (AP Photo/Sarah Morgan)
A young Atlanta, Georgia woman has come forth to tell her story of a Catfish gone very wrong. Sierra Thompson, now 23, was in high school when she stopped attending classes and became captivated by an Instagram account that depicted a life the young teen wanted to emulate. Although the account appeared to be run by a woman, Thompson realized after communicating with the owner of the aspirational photos, that “she” was, in fact, a man. That man later convinced the impressionable young lady to move to Houston once she turned 18. That decision left Thompson working as a sex slave for three years. The young lady told her story to Atlanta’s 11 Alive. During which she recalls being forced to strip and perform sexual acts for money. “Immediately when I got out there, I started dancing,” Thompson told a reporter. “The club that I was at wasn’t just dancing, you literally had to sell your soul to make the money you wanted or to meet his quota.” Thompson also alleges that she was beaten continuously for frivolous reasons, before deciding to escape. Her public confession comes days before Atlanta is set to host the Super Bowl. Outreach groups who work to dismantle human trafficking are taking this time to remind the community that sex trafficking is very real and communities should be especially mindful of it when there is a large influx of people in the city.   Since returning to Atlanta, Thompson, a one-time high school dropout has obtained her GED and plans to pursue studies to become a lawyer. She currently works as an administrative clerk at a law firm and speaks publicly on behalf of Wellspring Living, a non-profit organization that serves survivors of childhood and sexual abuse.

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