Q: If my guy hangs out with a bunch of immature players, is that a sign he’s not ready to settle down? Are a man’s friends a reflection of him?

A: Women love to say, “Birds of a feather flock together.” But what you don’t notice is that those birds also tend to jump out of the nest of immaturity at different times. There’s a chance your man could be perfectly ready to settle down, even if the only thing his boys are ready to commit are misdemeanors.

Remember: The right woman can make any man say, “Not tonight, guys. Beat it!” So when you get nervous about your man hanging with his “immature” crew, you’re concerned about the wrong thing. Base your jitters on how a man treats you. If he’s not acting like he wants to be around you, pay attention to that-not the beer bong you saw in his buddy’s kitchen.

And don’t worry. When a man makes the commitment, he won’t behave like his guys-gone-wild friends do, and you won’t have to think about that straight-up-trifling buddy of his who didn’t let what happened in Vegas stay in Vegas. My closest friends consist of all types of guys who are cool, and some who are questionable. But none of their antics can make me take my girl out of first place.

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