The number one gripe many Black women have about their is dryness. Whether relaxed or natural, curly or straight, this chief concern has plagued kinky and curly textures for ages, but the good news is, there is a solution to kicking parched strands to the curb.

Ken Burkeen, creator of the Huetiful Hair Steamer, knows a thing or two about putting the moisture back into Black hair. After working at one of the biggest haircare companies in the world, he put his know-how and years of extensive hair research behind the Huetiful brand to educate women on how to make the hair conditioning process more effective.

“Dryness is an age old concern for Black women,” Burkeen told “When you’re thirsty, you drink water, not oil. The same goes for your hair. Infusing your hair with more water and hydration is key to the conditioning process.”

Here are Burkeen’s top 10 tips to get your hair in mint condition.