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Ask the Experts: Grow It Long

Celebrity hairstylist Larry Sims shares his tips for growing longer, stronger locks.

Sure, bobs are having a stellar year. But the proliferation of chin-length cuts hasn’t lessened the love for long, strong locks. We asked Smooth ‘N Shine and got2b celebrity stylist Larry Sims for his advice on growing longer hair—and keeping it healthy.

Protect Your Strands
“Girls who wear their hair straight are constantly putting heat on it. In that case it’s so important to use a heat protectant, like Got2b Guardian Angel Flat Iron Balm. And don’t use any tools that reach temperatures higher than 425 degrees. With those that go hotter, you might not be able to see the damage immediately because it starts in the cuticle. But eventually you’ll get  split ends and breakage.”

Switch Things Up
“If you’re wearing a weave, you should constantly switch up the location of  your part. I know a lot of women think they have one “good side” but moving your part every six to eight weeks (every time you get your weave fully redone). Doing this protects the integrity of your hair that’s exposed.”

Get Trims Regularly—But Not Excessively
“The frequency with which you trim your hair depends entirely on lifestyle. If you flat-iron your hair every day, then you’ll need a trim about every eight weeks. If you’re natural and never apply heat to your hair, you’ll  roably only need a trim twice per year.”

Seek Professional Help
“Leave chemicals, like relaxers and hair color, to the professionals. I’ve seen a lot of damage on women’s hair because of DIY color.”

Be Kind to Your Scalp
“You’ve gotta get scalp treatments. It’s a live organ, and we have to treat it as such! I like apply aloe vera as a scalp balancing treatment. It leaves your hair with a nice shine, too.”