A few years ago, the term “Sisterlocks” began floating around within the natural hair community, but there was also a bit of confusion on what made them different from traditional locs. Fast forward to today, and the styling technique has become a major trend among naturalistas. In a nutshell, Sisterlocks are created using a trademarked styling technique that is used to create thin locs that are much smaller than traditional locs. Due to their size, they are not as heavy as traditional locs. Some would even say that because Sisterlocks are so thin, they offer just as many styling options as loose hair, which is one reason they’ve become so popular.

As the demand for Sisterlocks continues to grow, we were curious to learn more about this innovative hairstyle so we summoned Wariesi Flores, a certified Sisterlocks consultant and owner of Sumptuous Locks Salon, to give us the loc lowdown. Click on for your guide to Sisterlocks 101.