Ask a Brother: Sexy Lance Gross Talks Dos and Don’ts for the Ladies
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We know how much you love Tyler Perry’s Temptation star Lance Gross. So, when ESSENCE got the chance to visit his NYC hotel suite and have an intimate one-on-one with the sexy star, we took your burning love questions with us. Relationships Editor Charli Penn got up close and personal with the hunky thespian, and new Magic Shave spokesman, who spoke candidly about what’s hot and what’s not to a man. For starters, he wants women to beware of a man’s representative and know that you’ll get further with a brother like him if you know how to take it slow.

“Take your time,” he says. “That’s the only way that you’ll truly get to know a person over time. A lot of people show up with their representative and that can last a year, two years, even three years. When it’s right, it’s right.”

As for a man’s pet peeves? We asked him if men worry as much about a woman’s freshly shaven legs as she does. He says, that all depends on the guy. “If you shave it and he’s already used to that, yeah, a little stubble might throw him off.”

Watch the video to find out what else Lance loves about women, his thoughts on men who take too long to propose and what kinds of shoes he likes to see a woman in.

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