Ask a Brother: Cameron “Cam” Newton
Ludwig Ciupka/Agence Tuxedo

Since being the NFL’s No. 1 pick in 2011, this 25-year-old entrepreneur continues to break records on the field and, when he’s off, turn heads as the new face of Drakkar Essence.

ESSENCE: What’s the biggest myth about athletes?

Newton: we are often depicted as strong, fearless gladiators. People don’t always see the goofy, tenderhearted, family-oriented, fun-loving people most of us really are.

ESSENCE: When do you find a woman at her sexiest?

Newton: I love to see a woman own the moment, whether she is at the gym or at dinner. I see gorgeous ladies all the time who are sure of themselves in sneakers or flats.

ESSENCE: How would you describe your style?

Newton: I look at life and fashion through a microscope and pay attention to the details. I usually like a watch or pocket square to pop. Growing up in Atlanta, I was always aware of fashion. I like to be sleek without overdoing it, just like my MADE clothing line with Belk.

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ESSENCE: What’s your guilty pleasure?

Newton: I’m a southern foodie: Shrimp and grits and Kool-Aid are my weaknesses. My mom mixes a fusion of Kool-Aid flavors with pineapple juice. It’s amazing!

ESSENCE: Describe your ideal leading lady.

Newton: She has to be independent and strong-willed. It’s not easy to date a professional athlete, so I need someone who is compassionate and patient with my schedule.

ESSENCE: What’s your superpower?

Newton: I am a doggone chef like no other. I kill in the kitchen. I make the best Cinnamon Toast Crunch ever. Just add the right amount of milk.

This article was originally published in the September issue of ESSENCE magazine, on newsstands now.