The family of the 10-year-old Colorado girl who hang herself after falling victim to bullies is now fundraising for her burial.

Ashawnty Davis died earlier this month after spending almost two weeks in hospital on life support for attempting to commit suicide.

The fifth-grader was involved in an after-school fight at Sunrise Elementary School in October after she tried to confront her bully, her parents told reporters. The fight was videotaped and someone uploaded it to the app. The video apparently devastated Ashawnty, and she was bullied even more after it was posted.

Two weeks later, she tried to commit suicide.  

Now, her family has started a GoFundMe page to collect money for Ashawnty’s funeral expenses.

“Ashawnty has 6 other brother and sisters, and a mother and father who miss her daily,” the GoFundMe page says. “This family will need assistance for the services. Please do what you can to help this family. Pray and talk with your children.”

The page has surpassed its original goal of $10,000, having currently fundraised over $43,000.

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