Brittani Taylor will never think of a long romantic walk on the beach the same, all thanks to her boyfriend, and now fiancé, Bryan Taylor.

Taylor just raised the proposal bar to new heights for the fellas with an epic surprise proposal that will take your breath away. On June 11th, with the help of over 80 (yes, we said 80!) close friends and family member, and lots of happy onlookers, Bryan surprised his ladylove on the boardwalk with a flash mob proposal to remember.

As Brittani walked casually along the boardwalk in Asbury Park, New Jersey, suddenly she began to see familiar faces along the way. Friends and family were conveniently placed along her path, and each group she passed began to break out in song. Together they sang the lyrics of Jagged Edge’s romantic classic “Lets Get Married” and urged her forward.

By the time Brittani gets to the end of the boardwalk, close to eighty people have gathered around to watch her meet her future groom by the shore. There, on the beach, a series of love notes hung from lanterns that led her to a small, decorated table with an iPad waiting for her to pick up. On it, a video message from all of the other friends and family members who couldn’t be there played as Bryan snuck up behind her. When Brittani turned around, he was right there on bended knee with an engagement ring in hand asking her to marry him.


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Of course the well-planned proposal made local news headlines and is now making its way around social media too.  

The video was filmed and edited by Tinton Falls production company NRG Film Company, and has racked up more than 200,000 views on Facebook and counting.

There’s no way you can watch this video and not smile. Congrats and best wishes to Brittani and Bryan.

Bryan Proposes to Brittani from NRG Film Company on Vimeo.