Arsenio Hall still has it! The former late night talk show host took home top prize in last night’s season finale of Celebrity Apprentice, according to People.

He went up against American Idol runner-up Clay Aiken in the show’s final challenge, ultimately beating out 16 people to be named “Celebrity Apprentice.”

Both stars were tasked with creating a celebrity variety show and a 30-second public service announcement for their proper charities. Donald Trump brought back many of this season’s contestants to help with this mission.

Despite raising less money than Aiken in the final challenge, $301,500 to $167,100, Hall raised more cash earlier in the season. Hall also won as project manager in two previous challenges.

All of the money he earned during the course of the show will go to the Magic Johnson Foundation to fund HIV/AIDS awareness, testing and treatment programs.

Hall’s sister died of AIDS just before he was scheduled to appear on the show. “I’ll be fighting the rest of my life in her memory,” he said just after hearing he won.

Congratulations to Arsenio Hall!


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