Kyle, Tavon, Anthony… Can’t get them out of your head? See if you need to chill


1. You walk into the cafeteria, late, hungry and carrying too many books. There’s a seat at the table with all your girls and there’s a seat at a table with all your boys. You sit:

a. With your girls, of course.

b. With your girls, but you conveniently sashay past the fellas to get another chocolate milk.

c. With the guys. They’re cute. They’re funny. And, um, did we mention that they’re cute?


2. You’re at the Skate, Don’t Hate antiviolence fund-raiser at the roller rink. By the end of the night, three guys have asked for your cell-phone number. How many of them get the digits?

a. Zero! You take theirs and decide which one to call later.

b. Only the brown-skinned Mario look-alike with the zigzag cornrows. He’s the cutest, with the best smile.

c. All three. Who says you have to choose right then and there?



3. What would your best friend say if you told her that you had an enormous crush on a guy in English class?

a. “Not you! I can’t believe what I’m hearing. You never like anybody.”

b. “Is this for real, or is this like when you were in love with what’s-his-face from biology?”

c. “First there was your undying love for Fa-bo-lo-us, then there was the guy behind the counter at 7-Eleven, then the guy from the Target commercial. Pick one!”

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4. Your family is going over to Auntie Mae Mae’s house next Sunday after church for your grandmother’s seventieth birthday. You tell yourself:

a. Cool, you don’t have to be smiling up in some guy’s face to have fun.

b. Maybe you and your cousins can sneak away for a while to see if any cute guys are hanging out at the park.

c. All the cute guys are related to you. No macking, no flirting and no fun!



5. You’re warming up in the bleachers for track practice when you notice some guys heading to the field for baseball tryouts. You:

a. Keep warming up before sprints. You’re not out there to look cute; you’re out there because you’re an athlete.

b. Start stretching, but very lightly, to avoid getting sweat marks under your pits. And why mess up the hair now?

c. Tell coach that your ankle feels funny, change into your street clothes, then come back to watch tryouts.


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A=1 point B=2 points C=3 points

Not pressed (5-8 points)

You like Jay-Z and Justin as much as the next chick, but you’re not the type to tape pictures to your locker. And you don’t lose it when the guy you like walks into the room. You keep your emotions in check. Just be sure that people don’t mistake your too-cool-to-drool demeanor for hate. It’s okay to be a little crazy over a guy.

How else are you going to find out if he’s crazy about you?

Pressed but in control (9-12 points)

Yes, as 3LW would say, “a girl can mack.” But you know a girl doesn’t have to if she doesn’t want to. Most of the time, you keep it together when cute guys are around. If somebody wants to kick it, you let him step to you. If you feel like speaking first, you do. Every now and then, when the guy is just too fly, you turn the flirting up a notch to make sure he knows you’re alive. And that’s cool, too, as long as you don’t seem desperate.

Way too pressed (12-15 points)

Posters of Mario. Screensavers of Ja Rule. Even the ring tone on your phone is Nelly’s “Air Force Ones.” Wherever the guys are, that’s where you want to be. You love attention from the opposite sex, and hey, who doesn’t? But when you go out of your way for that attention (dissing friends, making a fool of yourself), it’s time to fall back. Ask yourself why attention from a guy is so important. Does it make you feel better about yourself? If so, you’re looking for approval in the wrong places. Love yourself more, and what others think won’t matter so much. Still, let us be the first to compliment you on your fly hair, banging outfit and great personality! Now relax a little before you get a reputation you don’t deserve.