A recent study conducted on older men revealed that your relationship with his friends could be affecting his sexual performance.

The study, conducted by a University of Chicago researcher, suggests that social situations can effect confidence in more mature men and cause them to perform poorly in the bedroom.

This means all that bonding you’ve done with his buddies, thinking you’re becoming a part of his circle, could actually be hurting your sex life.

“It isn’t just taking a pill that may have an adverse effect on your erectile function,” renown sex researcher Edward Laumann, a U of C sociologist, says. “There are social situations that may be undercutting your confidence in your self.”

Of the men studied, those whose wives were closer to their friends had a much higher rate of erectile dysfunction. Apparently this behavior is pretty common for men over 50, experts say. Men are more likely to feel threatened by their wives’ relationships with those around them during that age, experts say. This sort of insecurity is called “partner betweeness,” and one fourth of the men surveyed admit to having those feelings.

These results don’t surprise us. How would you feel if your husband was closer to one of your friends than your are? We’re guessing not so good.

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