Are ‘Hair Tattoos’ Really Just Cool Barbershop Cuts?
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Hair tattoos are taking over Instagram as women constantly look for a new edgy looks. But the trend isn’t new, in fact, we’ve rocked the hairstyles within our community for years. These expertly cut designs are simply haircut designs widely used for decades by Black barbers.

Had a little fun on @xxjcerqueiraxx ‘s hair, haven’t done a hair tattoo in a while.

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Recently, Black Twitter went in when Cosmopolitan coined the new cuts hair tattoo. Black Twitter began using the hashtag #CosmoHeadlines in response to the absurdity of barber cuts as hair tattoos and the clear case of cultural appropriation yet again in beauty. Despite the backlash, hair tattoos continue to flood social media. Meredith Chesney, of Brooklyn’s The Corner Barber spoke to Mashable and shared her disbelief on the phenomenon.

“I think it’s sort of lame that [people are] referring to it as ‘hair tattoos;’ they’re called designs, and they’re nothing new to black barbershops. Why does it need a new hipster name, now that young, white women are doing them too?”

Unfortunately, this trends does not seem to be losing steam. Do you think the cuts should be called hair tattoos?