Would you be on board for another “Friday” film? How about if Chris Tucker agreed to reprise his role as Smokey?

The latest news from Hollywood is that Ice Cube is in talks with New Line Cinema to write, produce, star and possibly direct a fourth “Friday” film, according to EURweb.

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In addition, “Friday’s” Debo actor, Tiny Lister, says Cube and Tucker are planning a big meeting next week about bringing the original crew back together, TMZ reports.

Deadline’s Mike Fleming says that Cube would love to have Tucker do the film. He also said Tucker decided not to do the last two “Friday” installments for religious reasons.

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But given Tucker’s recent financial woes, this would certainly be the best option for him.

Get ready for a wild ride if this movie actually gets off the ground. We wonder how Nia Long would now fit into the picture?


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