Researchers got more than they bargained for during an archaeological dig at Malcolm X’s childhood home.

Malcolm X’s Boston Home to Be Site of Archeological Dig

Archaeologists discovered kitchenware, ceramics, and more evidence of a settlement dating back to the 1700s. City archaeologist Joseph Bagley said, “We’ve come onto a whole layer, roughly two feet down and across the whole site, that’s absolutely filled with stuff from the period, so we have this whole new research question, which is: What the heck was going on here in the 18th century?”

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The dig, which began in March, was meant to shed light on Malcolm X’s early life and the Irish immigrant family that previously lived there during the depression. Rodnell Collins, a nephew of X’s, sees the discovery as eye-opening, “It’s fantastic and enlightening. This is the history of Boston. It’s a terrific educational opportunity, and that’s what this family is all about. That’s what Uncle Malcolm was about.”

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