New Gallup poll results reveal the highest approval ever of Black and White marriages in the United States, with 86 percent of Americans in support. These numbers represent a steady increase over time. A whopping 96 percent of Blacks approve and 84 percent of Whites.

What’s even more impressive than these numbers is that in 1958, when the poll was first conducted, only 4 percent of those surveyed approved. Even up until 1983 there were still more Americans against Black-White unions than for it. As recently as 2008, the approval rate was still rapidly increasing and registered at 79 percent.

Historically, Black people have always been more approving of interracial marriage, although these results reveal the gap has significantly narrowed. Another interesting find was that those aged 50 or older are far more likely to approve than people that age a generation ago. Southerners, Republicans, and those without a college education are less likely to approve of interracial marriage.

Are you surprised to find that 86 percent of Americans are okay with a Black-White marriage?

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