Too Lit? Apartment Floor Collapses During Homecoming Party At University Of North Texas
Antenna/Getty Images

A party at the University of North Texas was apparently so lit this weekend that the floor actually collapsed.

Video of the incident was captured at the third floor of Ridge Apartments, a student housing complex in Denton, Texas. It has left a number of students without a place to stay, a local CBS station reports.

Local firefighters believe the floor collapsed because of too much jumping. In the video, students can be seen jumping up and down to the music.

“When firefighters came to the scene, they saw the collapse,” WKRG reports. “Partygoers were dangling between floors.”

No one was hurt from the incident. 

“I was right next to the floor where it collapsed,” UNT student DeeJay Priestly told during a phone interview. “My partner was actually one of the ones who fell down and I saw him fall through the roof. One moment he was there, then he wasn’t.”