The family of Antwon Rose Jr., the 17-year old teen that was shot three times in the back by a Pittsburg police officer as he fled is suing the cop’s previous employer for failing to properly discipline him or record performance issues in his personnel file. Officer Michael Rosfeld shot Rose after he and another passenger fled from a car stopped by police. Allegheny County Police say they were on the hunt for the car in connection with an earlier shooting. Cellphone footage, according to different media accounts, shows Rosfeld firing his gun at Rose as he is fleeing the scene. The shots hit him in the back. In the lawsuit filed Monday in Allegheny County, Rose’s parents claim that the University of Pittsburgh allowed Rosfeld to resign quietly without putting any notice in his file that there had been issues with at least one arrest that led to his suspension in December 2017, NBC News reports. Rosfeld worked for the university from 2012 to early January 2018. The lawsuit claims that East Pittsburgh would not have hired Rosfeld soon after if the incidents had been properly documented and disclosed. According to East Pittsburgh Mayor Louis Payne, Rosfeld was a recent hire who had been sworn in just hours before the shooting. Payne emphasized that the Rosfeld was not a rookie, WPIX reported, and he was placed on administrative leave soon after the shooting. Rosfeld was eventually charged with one count of homicide. In August, the Rose family also filed a lawsuit against East Pittsburgh, alleging wrongful death and use of “excessive and deadly force” against Rose. They are also claiming that the borough “failed to properly train, supervise, screen, discipline, transfer, counsel or otherwise control officers who are known, or who should have been known, to engage in the use of excessive force and/or deadly force, including those officers repeatedly accused of such acts.”