Anthony Anderson Is Every Beauty Girl’s Dream Dad
Leon Bennett
If Blackish wasn’t enough to make you love actor Anthony Anderson, then maybe his father-daughter connection will win you over. We caught up with the actor while he was on set with Lipton Ice Tea for their latest campaign to surprise a few deserving folks with a gourmet lunch prepared by Chef Michael Symon. We chatted with the actor and our favorite TV Dad to find out what he’s learned about women and beauty from his daughter, and his answer was definitely shocking. “[I was the one that went] shopping for her makeup and lip gloss. I started that at a young age,” Anderson told ESSENCE, “I would go shopping and come across something and think, my baby girl would like this. So I started coming home with things like lip gloss and lipstick, and eventually my daughter got into doing her own manicures so I bought her a complete system and now she does that stuff for her friends.” His daughter, Kyra, is now 20 years old and a sophomore in college and still a total beauty girl — so much so that she’s the go-to beauty gal amongst her friends. Anderson noted that beauty is “her side business now,” as he reflects on days when she was younger when she would practice her manicure skills on her parents stating, “[she] would practice on me and her mom and now that’s what she does.” Kyra’s definitely a Daddy’s girl, and we completely understand why. Clearly, the actor is total TV (and reality) #DadGoals.

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