Angela Rye is taking Donald Trump to task over the blatantly racist and stereotypical undertones present in his responses to LaVar Ball’s recent CNN interview addressing his son’s shoplifting incident in China.

Ball’s son LiAngelo was one of three UCLA basketball players who were apprehended by Chinese officials after being caught shoplifting while visiting the country for a game. Following the incident, Trump claims to have intervened on the players’ behalf to get them released from custody in China and brought back home. But when Ball stopped short of thanking Trump during an appearance on ESPN shortly after news of the shoplifting incident broke, the Republican President did what he’s become known for and took to Twitter to lash out.

Like many who caught wind of Trump’s initial Twitter tirade against Ball, Rye immediately took note of Trump’s consistently inappropriate demeanor when tasked with speaking on issues involving people of color who have large platforms. She called out the former reality star’s cringe-worthy rhetoric while discussing the topic during a recent CNN segment.

“I do have to say, I think it’s interesting that regularly, the people who he picks on in this way are athletes of color,” she said. “There’s regularly this issue like, ‘grovel,’ like ‘say thanks, Massah.’ It’s ridiculous.”

Proving Rye’s point, Trump lashed out at Ball on Wednesday morning yet again via social media, calling him a “poor man’s version of Don King and an “ungrateful fool.”

Trump’s most recent Twitter tantrum comes on the heels of decision to confirm his continued public support of Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore, who has been accused of sexual abuse by a total of 8 women so far.


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