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Angela Rye Shares Video Of Her Humiliating 'Vaginal Pat Down' By TSA

The CNN political commentator detailed her degrading encounter while traveling on Thursday evening.
Angela Rye Shares Video Of Her Humiliating ‘Vaginal Pat Down’ By TSA
Larry French/Getty Images for SiriusXM

CNN political commentator Angela Rye is fired up––and for good reason.

The outspoken media influencer was recently in the middle of a busy weekly travel schedule on Thursday evening when she was subjected to a highly invasive and humiliating security search by TSA. Despite having enrolled in TSA pre-check and a member of the expedited security processing program CLEAR, Rye was “randomly” flagged for a vaginal pat down after going through two security scanners on her way to New York City. 

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She took to her personal Twitter account to detail the ridiculously embarrassing incident, which eventually moved her to tears. “TSA grabs vaginas like Donald Trump,” she said, while explaining the encounter in a Periscope video posted to her timeline.

As her followers and others across social media caught wind of the incident, Rye continued to detail the degrading experience by responding to questions about what happened.


Rye also shared that she asked a police officer present in the airport to film the pat down in hopes of spreading awareness about the disgraceful nature of the practice. That video footage was shared on her timeline.