7 of CNN Commentator Angela Rye’s Most Lit Moments
Larry French/Getty Images for SiriusXM
Ever since liberal political commentator Angela Rye joined the CNN team earlier this year, the network’s election coverage has become a little more lively. From the time (or five) that she shut down racist Donald Trump supporters to the numerous occasions where she has defended President Obama’s political—and personal record—we’ve rounded up Rye’s most lit moment through the months. Never change, Angela! That Time She “Boy Bye’d” a Trump Supporter on National Television Last week, former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski appeared on CNN, where he brought up President Obama’s refusal to release his Harvard University transcripts. Sigh. Rye countered by noting that Trump is the first presidential nominee in more than 40 years refusing to release his tax returns. When Lewandowski skirted the topic and returned to the subject of President Obama’s transcripts, Rye had only one response: “Corey?” she said. “Just a moment. I’m going to Beyoncé you. Boy, bye. You are just so out of line right now. Tell your candidate to release his tax returns.” That Time Her Eye Roll Described How We Were All Feeling… While at the Democratic National Convention last month, Angela Rye appeared on a panel alongside CNN conservative commentator Kayleigh McEnany. When the subject of Hillary Clinton’s good deeds as Secretary of State came up, McEnany rebutted by claiming that Trump had “done great things, too” in his private time. Commence eye roll. …And That Time She Clapped Back At Her Eye-Roll Haters While Rye’s eye roll had most of us rollin’, others took offense. People began coming for Rye on Twitter, calling her demeanor unprofessional and questioning her journalistic integrity, even going so far as to criticize her hip size, but Rye was not here for any of it.   That Time She Wasn’t Afraid to Get Honest About Police Brutality in America Tensions between the Black community and police officers reached an all-time high last month after the back-to-back deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. Just days later, multiple officers in both Dallas and Baton Rouge were killed. While mourning the lost lives on both sides, Rye was unafraid to say how many African-Americans feel: “There are rogue cops who shoot Black people for sport.” That Time She Gave Trump a Taste of His Own Medicine Trump’s language on the campaign trail has been quite, um, colorful, but in May, Rye decided to give the Republican nominee a taste of his own medicine. When Trump accused Hillary of “enabling” Bill’s affair, Rye was quick to defend. She argued that given Clinton’s track record of advocating for women, bringing her marriage into an argument is irrelevant. She also had a few thoughts on Trump’s three marriages. “We know that Donald Trump will continue to call her an ‘enabler,’ and I am just dying to know what he would call his three wives based on his behavior,” she said. We’ll wait. That Time She Used Trump’s Campaign Slogan Against Him Trump’s slogan—“Make America Great Again!”—has raised a lot of eyebrows throughout the duration of his campaign. Just what era is that, Donald? In Rye’s eye’s, America was “great!” immediately after President Obama was elected. However, she says, it hasn’t been an easy road. “The last time America was great…was in 2008 when [Obama] was elected president,” she said. “And we’ve been paying the price for that.” And Finally, That Time She Endorsed Mickey Mouse Over Donald Trump We can all agree that Trump has made countless asinine statements, but Rye is sick of it. Calling Clinton knowledgeable and intelligent, she says that Trump has been wasting her time with his shallow attacks. In fact, Rye went so far as to say Mickey Mouse would be a better president than Donald Trump, “pointblank, period.” Applause!

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