Talk of a “Waiting to Exhale” sequel has reached a fever pitch, especially after author Terri McMillan tweeted that she was working on a script.

Now ESSENCE Black Women in Hollywood honoree Angela Bassett confirms that McMillan will be delivering the script this summer. “The script that Terry is working on, which is a draft, will be done in July,” she said before hosting McDonald’s 365Black Awards at the ESSENCE Music Festival.

Asked when filming is expected to begin, the “Jumping the Broom” star added, “It takes months to go into production, so it would have to be after January.”

Bassett is also getting ready for her return to Broadway, where she’ll replace Halle Berry in “Mountaintop,” opposite Samuel L. Jackson. “I’m happy to be returning because I love the stage,” she said.

So does Bassett like the stage more than a film lot? “No. I just love great roles and I love working.“ And we love seeing you on both, Angela!