Amy Winehouse‘s passing hit home for Mary J. Blige. We all know the FFAWN creator has battled her own demons including alcohol, but for Blige Winehouse’s death meant so much more. It was like staring in the past.

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The iconic diva appears on the October cover of Ebony magazine. During her interview Blige recognized she could have easily died years ago at a young age like the fallen British star. “When I got the text about Amy, I was lying down on the bed… I kept getting up and laying back down for some reason. I’d always wanted to work with Amy, so I just couldn’t believe it really,” she said.

Photos: Mary J. Blige’s Style File

“And then it hit me — that could have been me. That really could have been me!”

That’s such a powerful realization and there’s no doubt that Winehouse’s tragic death touched many lives. And for many, it was a wake up call about their own actions.