The much buzzed about show of the summer has now arrived to an audience of eager brides-to-be and those single girls hoping to one day have a reason to browse the racks of uber designer Amsale Aberra’s exquisite high-end bridal wear.

Nestled in the money-flowing neighborhood of the Upper-East Side, the boutique is a major draw for celebs and socialites, including Heidi Klum, Katherine Heigl and Halle Berry, among others. Amsale demands perfection, and her “girls” are more than determined to live up to the hype. Debbye is the British export and retail veteran whose mission isn’t only to whip all the girls into shape, but to also preserve the untainted reputation of the famed bridal salon.

Lauren, is the eager small-town girl from Texas, dazzled by the big city but also homeless and needing to prove herself by moving ahead quickly, even though boss Debbye isn’t so convinced she is ready. Emily, the naïve Midwesterner is ambitious and will do whatever it takes as the sales consultant to make the numbers, but after taking time off for her own wedding, coming back to work proves to be a bummer as she fails to live up to her high expectations.

Kori, a native New Yorker, left her prestigious job in finance to work as the “Greeter” in the Salon Concierge spot, but hopes to one day make it as a bridal consultant. Linda was hired by Amsale herself to serve as resident “therapist” to the frazzled brides-to-be needing that extra dose of confidence. But her life is far from stress-free as she copes with the reality of being the sole breadwinner after her husband loses his job.

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And finally, Samantha, the Operations Manager, who has at least a decade of experience in the bridal business, is a pro at her job as she expertly coordinates events that give the store just the right exposure while also keeping all the girls in check.

The drama is sure to be entertaining and consistent. It will absolutely give other bridal-themed shows a run for their money. Make it your mission to check out “Amsale Girls” every Sunday night on WE TV at 10pm.