‘American Idol’ Poll: What’s Your Favorite Candice Glover Performance?
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As the 12th season of American Idol comes to a close tonight and the nation chooses its winner, we’re taking a look back at some of Candice Glover’s most dazzling performances to date.

The 23-year-old’s journey to the top hasn’t been easy. Glover auditioned in season nine and in season 11, both times failing to make the cut. However, it appears the third time is a charm.

Glover performed nearly 30 times on the show, each and every time singing her heart out. Who could forget her hair-raising performance of “Lovesong,” which Randy Jackson labeled as one of the best performances in Idol history. Fellow judge Mariah Carey was so moved she tossed glitter into the air. Similar sentiments were felt when Glover performed special renditions of “I’m Going Down,” “When You Believe” and “When I Was Your Man.”

But perhaps Glover sealed the deal when she performed her favorite song of the season, “I (Who Have Nothing),” last night. She earned a standing ovation from the 7,000 audience members in attendance.

What’s your favorite Candice Glover performance?

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