The former national press secretary for the Bernie Sanders campaign and current CNN pundit has succeeded in bringing women’s issues and the #BlackLivesMatter movement to the forefront of the current political conversation. 

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Things quickly escalated for the political strategist and CNN commentator when she tried to get a bag on her flight

Paula Rogo
May, 13, 2017

Political strategist Symone Sanders is the latest victim of the recent spate of airlines-behaving-badly incidents. 

The CNN commentator and Sen. Bernie Sanders’s former national press secretary shared her experience Friday trying to check in luggage before her American Airlines flight from Los Angeles, an incident that quickly escalated when the airline called the police for no apparent reason, she tweeted.

“American Airlines [sic]officials literally called the police to come to the gate check area because the customer service officials were threatened,” she said in a series of tweets.

The problem, according to Sanders, started when she tried to check in a piece of luggage about 40 minutes before her flight. She is a frequent flier of the airline and did not expect to run into issues.

It appears that Sanders' refusal to pay full price for the flight, despite being a frequent flier  of the airline was enough for the customer service representative to feel threatened. 

It’s not clear how the incident ended. Sanders obviously thought her actions did not warrant a phone call to the police. Especially because she witnessed another passenger yelling at a customer service representative with no repercussions.

It’s unfortunate this happened, and we hope Sanders was able to find a flight home. We are waiting to hear from American Airlines.