Instead of moving to the web with the rest of “All My Children,” Debbie Morgan will now join the cast of the “Young and the Restless.” 

The beloved soap star, known for her AMC role as Dr. Angie Hubbard, is officially switching to the CBS program after weeks of speculation about her move.

Although “Y&R” hasn’t confirmed Morgan’s character on the show, a show rep recently told TV Guide Magazine that the Emmy Award-winning actress will begin filming in September after “AMC” has ended production.

In the meantime, ABC said their final goodbyes to “AMC” after recently selling online rights to the show and “One Life to Live.” The network sold the rights in a multi-year deal with Prospect Park, a company led by Royal Pains executive producers Rich Frank and Jeff Kwatinetz.

What will you miss most about “All My Children” and how do you feel about Ms. Morgan switching shows?


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