Amber Rose has just joined the emoji business launching MuvaMojis, equipped with 900 icons and counting.

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“I’m so happy with them! I took a lot of time with the creative and I really wanted to make it very accurate to my life. Things that I do and things I like, “ she tells People.

One of the new emojis even references the epic, one-sided Twitter feud involving Kanye; to which Rose took to Twitter to defend her son.

Amber Rose: ‘I Get Sexually Assaulted All the Time’

“Uhh, the one with the glove?” Rose said laughing, when asked about that emoji. “Most of the emojis were a collaboration with the company, just bringing everything I wanted to life.”

Rose shared in a statement that the content is meant to appeal to everyone, not just fans, and that she and the Moji team plan on updating and adding more content each week.

Amber Rose Reveals Why She Defended Kim Kardashian Despite Disliking Kanye

The emojis are available at the iTunes app store.

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